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Why Stroz Friedberg?

Working at the intersection of technology, investigations, regulatory governance and behavioral science for well over a decade, Stroz Friedberg is driven by a core purpose-seeking truth. We consider this the underpinning to our success at helping organizations find facts, manage enterprise threats, and move forward with greater assurance. Come work for a global company brimming with state-of-the art technologies and boasting renowned experts who are devoted to navigating complex risks stemming from both inside and outside an organization. Advance your career and become a passionate part of our team solution to transform companies' abilities to better defend, respond, and leverage key intelligence-as together we aim to fortify a business world plagued by high-tech crime and "low-tech" corruption.

Ever since we were founded in 2000, clients interested in seeking truth have turned to Stroz Friedberg for their most critical matters. We are sought out because of our reputation to "get it right" and our commitment as ethical fact-finders who go the extra mile. Our cross disciplinary teams earn our client's trust by delivering incomparable value drawing from diverse fields with leading-edge expertise.

Every person in our firm is part of this tradition of superb service, and we are committed to providing extraordinary career development for our people. No matter in which part of the world we work, everyone values knowing the truth. Sometimes we are called in after an incident to perform an investigation, while other times we help clients assess how prepared and protected they are from threats. If determining truth were an easy task, anybody would be able to pursue and find it - but we know it is not easy.
Achieving our mission requires that we employ our minds in careful work, as a unified firm. Our shared enterprise has been custom-designed and built over the years in a way that we support each other to achieve our mission. Every one of us therefore embraces a shared responsibility to do the best work possible and thereby build a respectful, collaborative culture of which we can all be proud.

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